One of the founding pharmaceutical manufacturers in Mongolia 

Ariunmongol Co., Ltd was formed in 1992  serving industries of manufacturing, trade, service, and export and import, specialized in Traditional Pharmaceutical Manufacturing with ARMON factory. 

- Opened its Pharmaceutical Supply Distribution Center in 1996 

 - Expanded its operation with European Pharmaceutical Manufacturing including tablet, capsule, powder, galen extract, and dragee workshops since 2000 and antibiotics workshop since 2003. 

- Built GMP standard met European Pharmaceutical Factory facility in 2007 and GMP standard met Traditional Pharmaceutical factory facility in 2009.

- 6 Retail pharmacy locations 

 - Quality control laboratories equipped with modern technology instruments  

1. Chemical and Microbiological laboratory 2. Bacterial Laboratory

- Nationally registered products of 191 Traditional medicines and 32 European medicines 

-  Officially qualified in 2021 as 

ISO 9001:2015- Certified Quality Management Systems or 

MNS ISO9001:2016 and 

GMP- Certified Good Manufacturing Practice manufacturer 

Current operations: 

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical supply chain distribution 

Retail pharmacy

 Export and Import